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During Pregnancy, Know Your Baby’s Expectations

During Pregnancy, Know Your Baby’s Expectations

Pregnancy means the experience of binge happiness and joy which is certainly inexplicable. From the very moment when we get to know about our pregnancy, we feel proud to tag ourselves as expecting parents. Here comes the question, are we the only one who is expecting? Well, for that I would say no…! Do you know, during pregnancy your baby is also expecting with you?

Yes, you read that right. During the pregnancy, a couple is not the only one who is expecting. During our pregnancy, our unborn baby in the womb is also expecting from us. And all they expect is a healthy life & their protection from various threats. The amazing fact is that our baby at the time of birth comes with the power to save them and many other lives from various life-threatening diseases. This power lies in the Umbilical Cord Blood. In modern medicine, Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells can cure more than 80+ life-threatening diseases. However, our unborn babies can not enroll for stem cell banking and hence they are dependent on us to preserve it.

What is Umbilical Cord Blood?

The Umbilical Cord, also known as the birth cord, forms a connection between the placenta of expecting mother and her growing child in the fetus. In simple words, the umbilical cord is the lifeline of the growing baby. It provides oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the fetus so that your baby can grow.

At the time of birth, the mother and baby are connected with the Umbilical Cord. At the time of clamping, Umbilical Cord still contains blood in it, known as Umbilical Cord Blood. The blood present in Umbilical Cord is a rich and ready source of stem cells. In modern medicine, the Umbilical Cord Stem Cell can cure more than 80+ life-threatening diseases.

Why Every Parent Should Choose Stem Cell Banking?

In India, where one person every 5 minutes get diagnosed with a blood disorder, Umbilical Cord Stem Cells can save lives and provide protection from various unforeseen life-threats. Unfortunately, most of the time, people dispose of this beautiful gift of life as a Bio-Waste. The main reason for happening this is the lack of information and awareness. As of today, Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells can treat more than 80+ life-threatening diseases including Leukemia, Thalassemia, and many other disorders related to blood and inherited metabolic along with immune system deficiencies.

Future Applications of Cord Blood

With around 500+ ongoing investigations, on the Uses of Umbilical Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Stem Cells including the one to cure patients infected from the novel Corona Virus, will soon add more diseases that can be cured by these magical cells in the current FDA approved list. Cord Blood is reusable and hence it can treat multiple patients multiple times. In simple words, CORD BLOOD SAVES LIVES AND NEEDS TO BE PRESERVED.

How To Select Right Cord Blood Bank?

Cord Blood Banking is once in a lifetime opportunity and so is the selection of right Bank for Cord Blood Preservation. The differences between the services offered by various Private & Community Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks might confuse you. However, you may avoid such confusion by choosing Hybrid Cord Blood Banking.

If you’re pregnant and expecting a baby soon then know that your baby will arrive with the power to save lives and will expect you to preserve it, not only for their protection but for the protection of your entire family. You can choose Hybrid Cord Blood Banking for Stem Cell Preservation to get the combined benefits of Private and Community Cord Blood Banks in India. Click Here To Know More About Hybrid Cord Blood Bank or to Enroll Now.

Though, the type of banking is not the only factor one should consider for choosing the right Cord Blood Banking Partner. But let us discuss this in our next blog of “Do You Know…” Series. So stay tuned.

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